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Always keep writing and write your heart out

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              This is a story about a magical fifteen year old kid named Jaiden and sixteen year old girl to be named. They both have a fate they have to accept. 

Jaiden is a trouble maker, but this sixteen year old girl that has come into his life is about to change everything. When my girl character finds out the truth about herself she is less excepting of it than Jaiden. It's not as if it's enough that her mother passed away when she was six and she's the most unpopular girl in school..

She starts to fall for Jaiden eventually through time. There love seems everlasting till an evil sorcerer comes and tries to take her and bring her to his side, and tries to take Jaidens powers.

Will this gril be able to save all their fates our or  will she join the evil sorcerers side and have Jaidens powers taken away from him and have him sent to the dark lands of no return.

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